SYNGAP1 Information explained in a simple way

Often medical professional don’t have time to fully explain details or can’t find simple words and day to day analogy to explain Syngap1. The content below will provide you with easy to read and understand content.

Super Syngapian Heroes

Do you know the most common Syngap1 super powers?

Genetic 101

What is DNA? What are amino acids? What happen when there is a mutation? A simple introduction to genetics: SYNGAP1 and other genetic disorders.

Protein 101

How genes are used as a recipe to protein creation. How the protein is impacted by a mutation …

Neurology & Brain 101

How syngap1 protein is used in the brain and how to lack of protein is impacting brain function.

Syngap1 by Numbers

What are the various numbers around Syngap1, Chromoses, Genes …  From very small to huge, what do they mean…

Syngap1 Tube Map

Based on famous tube map, what are the lines related to Syngap1 and day to day life with the syndrome.

Syngap1 Flyer

Basic information about Syngap1. Easy to share with family, friends, school, doctors …

And much more ...

SGN Logo

Offfcial Logo of SGN showing the worldwide reach of the organisations network

Syngap1 Ribbon

Syngap1 ribbon that can be used where and when you want

Splash4Syngap Logo

Logo of the Splash4Syngap event taking place on the international awareness day – June 21st

Syngap1 badge

Badge you can add on your website/blog

Syngap1 badge
with website

Badge you can add on your website/blog

Syngap1 Proud badge
with website

Badge you can add on your website/blog

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