Facebook Frame Maker

This page will allow you to customize your profile picture with one of the SGN frame.

The facebook feature which allowed that has been removed and you may use this tool to create your new profile picture.


Here is how it works:

1) save a picture on your phone in a square format (either take an existing one and crop it or save your current Facebook picture)
2) load your image with the first button below
3) click on the green button which correspond to the frame you want and the result should be displayed instantly
4) save the result to your phone/computer – methods may vary if your on apple, android or pc
5) go back to facebook and chose the new image as you profile picture

Choose Profile Image

Generating, please wait...

IPHONE SAFARI USERS : Please do a long click on the image and save the file in your picture gallery.

IPHONE CHROME USERS : This is not yet working for you. Please try with SAFARI.

ANDROID CHROME USERS : Please click on the download button below.

Choosen Frame Image

Download to your device